What’s On The Blog: April Overview

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to better organise my life. I am excited to introduce three new things to the blog: first, is this post you’re currently reading!

What’s On The Blog

On the first of every month, regardless of the day, an overview of the content you’ll expect to read will be published. More specifically, I’m introducing two permanent weekly features: Destination of the Month and 24 hours in …

Destination of the Month

As you may have already know, I travel a lot for work and do some exploring after my duties. But there are certain times during the year where I just want to travel for leisure. Be it backpacking and roughing it out or sitting on the white sand beach, enjoying a book and an icy cold drink, I am blissfully disconnected from work during this time. Destination of the Month will is a feature of the trips I’ve done outside work. I’ll reveal the destination on the 1st of every month; expect updates every Tuesday!

Destination of the month:

24 Hours In …

I get to spend a minimum of 24 hours in a lot of the destinations I travel to for work. Every alternate Thursdays you’ll be treated to a layover of the week and the adventures I get into there. They may include touristy stuff, but mostly I prefer going off the well trodden track.

Of course there’ll be times where a destination will be featured multiple times. I promise, they’ll be fun.

This month’s destinations:

And what else can you expect over the course of the month? MORE CONTENT! I will be working very hard to schedule posts periodically for you to enjoy. Be it about that new sushi joint that serves really awesome crab salad, or random musings, they’re sure to keep you entertained.

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