Things to do in Birmingham on a Sunny Day

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My best friend lived in Birmingham for four years and I’ve always thought of visiting her then. That day never came. I had imagined it dreary, rainy and Privet Drive-like because of what I’ve been exposed to UK through Harry Potter and stuff, but Birmingham City surprised me.

It was a lovely day with blue skies, white fluffy clouds and considerable amount of sunshine throughout daylight hours. It was rather chilly for a summer day, but I enjoyed the weather immensely. We took a long stroll downtown, stopping at every landmark and taking a hell lot of wefies; one must have a lot patience when going around with four other people who wanted a photo stop every 10 metres.

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Lunch (finally after 325823640 stops) was at The Square Peg. Claiming to be home to ‘Europe’s longest bar’, it’s a great place to stop by for lunch and a few beers (or if you don’t drink, soft drinks or free flow of ice water are available too). The menu for food and drinks were extensive and we were spoiled for choice. I went with steak – as usual – and for the first time ever, it came with peas. I never like the taste of frozen peas and push them as far away from the plate as I possibly could. Apparently it’s normal in the UK to have steak with peas. Nope, still not for me.

Food wise, it was nothing to rave about. But I enjoyed the atmosphere in the restaurant/pub. The crew were friendly and helpful, and people generally leave satisfied and/or drunk. It was midday for us and still a lot of ground to cover, so none of us were rolling out of the place. We still had some shopping to do.

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It was when we discovered Primark – rather I discovered Primark while the others tackled its offerings head on. When I first saw the multi-level store in Madrid, I hadn’t the time to walk in. Oh thank God I hadn’t; this place was, is and always will be evil. You go in with the intention of getting a dress, and you end up getting a whole new wardrobe and a bedsheet. But things are so, so cheap and of decent quality so if you look hard enough you’d find something just for you. Oh, and Harry Potter-themed stuff. I AM SOLD.

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