May has always been a super exciting month for me because THAT’S WHEN MY BIRTHDAY IS! Heh heh. Though I’m not so special because I share a birthday month with my younger sister and a couple of very good friends so in terms of gifts, I give more than I receive, really.

It’s funny how I used to wonder how it’s like being in the States, and this month I am practically spending HALF my month there. Mostly for work, but the trip I am most looking forward to is spending my birthday week with my best friend, Rasyidah in SEATTLE! Like, FINALLY. It’s really uncommon for me to spend my entire trip in one city – a week to be exact – but I’ll be spending time with her, her husband and a couple more friends whom I haven’t seen in ages, so it’ll be worth it!

May would be a little more fun because in addition to republishing my old posts, I’ll be creating new ones! Yes, finally something fresh and not stale, recycled posts from Christmas past. My friend Abhi shot me a Facebook message the other day noting the disappearance of my posts that he linked on his blog. I didn’t know he reads them. This month’s destination is dedicated to him. Sorry for the inconvenience!


24 Hours in…

I’m always excited to explore the States because it’s so far away and I hardly ever go there. This time, Seattle. It’ll be great to get some input on the best and non-touristy places to go and things to do there. Any recommendations appreciated!

Have the greatest May!

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