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Kitties of Ephesus

IMG_8549IMG_8488 IMG_8492We visited the site of Ephesus, an ancient Greek city that was built in the 10th century BC. It survived through the Greek Dark Ages all the way through the Late Middle Ages. At one point of time the city of Ephesus thrived, since it had been abandoned during the 15th century AD, its ruins had mainly become one of the more famous tourist attractions when visiting Turkey.

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The site was MASSIVE, featuring a breathtaking gladiator theatre where one could only imagine the fights that had occurred there. We walked through blocks of broken boulders that held memory to the grand structure that once stood there. We saw remnants of homes of the settlers who once lived there. We even visited a place where they took a dump. An open concept port-a-loo, imagine that! My favourite ruin though was the library (surprise, surprise).

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The library of Celsus was built in honour of the Roman Senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus by his son Gaius Julius Aquila. Celsus had been consul in 92 AD, governor of Asia in 115 AD, and a wealthy and popular local citizen. Celsus paid for the construction of the library with his own personal wealth. Imagine how rich this guy must have been. Read more about the Library of Celsus here.

Ephesus, aside from being populated by tourists, is home to hundreds of stray cats. Turkish stray cats were unfortunately heartbreakingly beautiful. Most were friendly and will let you pet them even though you have no food on you, and others would just be like all cats are, standoffish.

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We took a peek at the open air theatre which could hold 25,000 people. Initially used for staging plays, the theatre was used for gladiatorial combats during the later Roman times. We were very fortunate to be the only ones there at the time, while everyone else were busy looking at rocks elsewhere, the empty theatre was an excellent place for a photo opp.


Imagine having 25k people staring down at you while you perform.

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  • Those cats are beautiful!!! I wanna fluff one now! Oh and that last photo, genius. ;)