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I am a Copywriter and a Blogger – and a former flight attendant

Throughout the different phases of my life (and six years as a cabin crew), the one thing that had remained constant is my love for writing. I started Syfnz Says in 2021 as I have so many travel stories and experiences to share. Plus, I didn’t want the beautiful photos I’ve taken with my iPhone to be sitting around collecting pixel dust.

In my free time, I love watching aesthetic vlogs on Youtube, trying out new recipes, and Netflix and chilling with my husband. Oh, I am a long-time Sims player, and recently started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and New Horizons on the 3DS and Switch respectively.

A Singaporean girl based in Leipzig

Born, bred and a proud Singaporean. In 2016, I took a huge leap, spread my wings and moved away from home. I lived and worked in Doha, Qatar for four years and had very fond memories there. After four years, and right before the pandemic in 2020, I moved back home to Singapore to pursue my BA in Communication and Media Studies.

For many years I was single and ready to Pringle, but in 2021 it all changed. I married a wonderful man, and a few months later, we moved to Leipzig, Germany to begin a new life together.

Why Syfnz Says?

Like many bloggers out there, my first blog was more like a journal – embarrassing to revisit and permanently deleted off the Internet the first chance I got. I used it more to record things I did with friends and family, without much focus in mind. Then I decided to start a dedicated Instagram account where I share my travel pictures with family and friends.

Moving to someplace new and having fewer friends than I have fingers can get quite mind-numbingly boring. Needing a distraction from mundane house chores and job hunting, I have decided to turn Syfnz Says into a space where not only do I get to share my stories, it doubles up as a resource for my readers as well.

With every post, I learn, improve and grow. Some day I’ll find my niche, but for now, I’m still new to the whole blogging scene and trying to find my way. Here’s hoping that one day I can look back and say “Hey, I’ve finally documented all my travel stories!” Don’t think that’s possible though.

With every post, I learn and improve. Hope that one day I can look back and say, “Hey, I have finally documented all my travel stories!” Don’t think that’s possible though.

solo women traveller in the moutains of Switzerland

What can you expect from Syfnz Says?

Syfnz Says focuses on two main topics: Travel and Lifestyle.

The stories are catered to women who:
1. Are avid travellers
2. Are researching for their next getaway
3. Are solo travellers, couple travellers, group travellers
4. Would like to solo travel one day but don’t know where to start
5. Are living abroad, far away from family and friends back home, just like me

Whether you fit in one category or all or even none, welcome to Syfnz Says!

Some content you might be interested in


Hidden Gems – Written for travellers who are looking for alternative things to do in their favourite city. We’re talking about unique experiences, things that you won’t expect to do in a particular city and beyond.

24 hours in… – One-day travel guides, sights to see and food to eat for those who only have limited time in the different cities. I used my experience as a flight attendant on layovers as a guide for things to do. We used to mostly spend 24 hours at a destination.


Living in Germany This series is rather self-explanatory. Expat women will include stories of living abroad, as well as resources for readers who are moving to Germany for the first time. I decided against the initial name “Expat Wives” because I want my stories to be relatable to all women who are living abroad regardless of status.

Sustainable Travel – What began as research for school papers turned into a way of life that I’m making conscious efforts to move towards. This series will include my personal journey to sustainable living through travel, and also in my daily life.