Throughout the different phases of my life (and six years as a cabin crew), the one thing that has remained constant is my love for writing. I started Syfnz Says in 2021 because I have many travel stories and experiences to share. Plus, I didn’t want the beautiful photos I’ve taken with my iPhone to be sitting around collecting pixel dust.

In my free time, I love watching aesthetic vlogs on Youtube, trying out new recipes, and Netflix and chilling with my husband. Oh, I am a long-time Sims player, and I love checking out the newest cosy games on the Switch.

A Singaporean girl based in Leipzig

Born, bred and a proud Singaporean. In 2016, I took a huge leap, spread my wings and moved away from home. I lived and worked in Doha, Qatar, for four years and had very fond memories there. After four years, and right before the pandemic in 2020, I moved back home to Singapore to pursue my BA in Communication and Media Studies.

For many years I was single and ready to Pringle, but in 2021 it all changed. I married a wonderful man, and a few months later, we moved to Leipzig, Germany, to begin a new life together.

Why Syfnz Says?

Like many bloggers out there, my first blog was more like a journal – embarrassing to revisit and permanently deleted off the Internet the first chance I got. I used it more to document things I did on the daily, without much focus in mind. Then, I decided to start a dedicated Instagram account where I share pictures from my travels with family and friends.

Moving to someplace new and starting fresh can get quite mind-numbingly boring. Needing a distraction from mundane house chores and job hunting, I wanted a writing space that was entirely mine. Not only do I get to share my stories, Syfnz Says doubles up as a resource for my readers as well.

With every post, I learn, improve and grow. I’ll find my niche someday, but for now, I’m still new to the whole blogging scene and trying to find my way. Here’s hoping that one day I can look back and say, “Hey, I’ve finally documented all my travel stories!” Don’t think that will be anytime soon, though.

What can you expect from Syfnz Says?

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